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With You

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I lost my job, I lost my parents love for me, got kicked out, and I lose/hurt a girl I love dearly. I didn’t just lose her as girl I also lost her as afriend because of my eye for & eye ways. With All of that going on it caused me to break down mentally. I never thought it could happen to me but I became every depressed. I wasn’t gonna kill myself but I sure didn’t wanna be alive. I would stay in my room (got and apartment with a friend that was kicked out like me. Empty room) in the dark just crying and wishing god could feel me hurting and make it all go away. I never had a good connection with the higher power but as I was going through the long days of crying in the empty dark room, I started praying not for the pain to go away but just to talk to God and ask him to give me strength to keep going, forgive me for the women I hurt ( specially 612 & short from the South side), and to help me tap into my inner God so I can be a person who understands how the universe works and spread positive energy and love. I started to talk to God everyday & forgive myself, after that I felt alive even though I was still kind of hurting and my mom noticed I wasn’t the same, I kept smiling and telling myself to get back on my feet and start living my best life. Of course while i was in my empty room crying lyrics started coming to my head and song ideas and I wrote and wrote. and from that Depression the 'Letter' was born. Engineered by Teddy Pain and produced by Nise Got Beats, Feysol On The Beat,YUHAN, Evan Lawrie, Emotive Beats, MacOnDaTrac. RNE LM, Yonas-K, Supreme/ Beatz Era, and Shawdi P. All Rights Reserved,