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I feel super excited for you guys to hear " Treasure X ", after dropping " For Your Consideration" on the site I got voice that told me to come talk to you guys. I know I can't say much till the drop but just know, being the best Bantu rapper is no longer a dream.

Most of the sounds on "Treasure X" were written in 2020 after we got news that Salim would be signed to award winning music firm "Big Noise".

"Big Noise" has been exposing emerging and established recording artists to the world for over 30 years. With the help of Al Gomes and the "Big Noise" family, "Salim" made it on the 64th Grammy ballot in 2021 by the "Recording Academy". For the following categories : best rap performance, with "Pro Hearted" and best melodic performance, with " Gimme More Ft. Quarter Kei.

That whole year "Salim" was doing things, he has not done before in his career. From hard ticket sells, sold out events, merchandise sells, monthly giveaways, and more. All this led to hit four figures, that year.

"Finding yourself and following your calling, in this thing we call life can be challenging but no matter what's happening around the ship, we must keep going. This project is to lead the family to the treasure. The treasure being approval, love, acceptance, and the power we are all in search of. Search no more because "X" marks the spot and that unforgettable "X" is you." - SALIM

Production : We teamed up with our favorite Teddy Pain, to engineer. We do want to include, Prodbyburns for the recording of "ASMEK" and "Pro Hearted".

Producers : Biggrezz , Aizzie , Beatsbyneco , Certibeats, IOF, & Grammy nominated Cas keyboardproducer.

Features : Noorskii, Quarter Kei , Its Luxs , Jill , Immeria, Nimco Happy , Naye Royalty , Ab Nabil, Living Truth , & Achera Jones .


For your consideration,
Today I dropped me a song
Got it jumping on a Jumma
Come see what you missing on

She calling me Roman
Cause she know I last long

You don’t run gotta run for views
When you running the play
I don’t gotta hit the stage
Yo I feel over paid
Look I just work the 9-5
So I can lower the gaze

From all these lost boys
And these online prostitutes
Om mama I want your sister
( Name )
Tat my name on it
( Let them know me )

( I swear ) I’m having fun
It just comes with the funds
My best friends last sound
Was the shot of a gun

So what are we on
I’m leading like I’m brother MaGan

What other Bantu rapper doing this
You must be new to this
( Gramma ) I’m on the grammy list
Lets keep on saying this

Four four figures
Of the music, I’m amusing
Still diffusing

I made my own figures of the music
I’m amusing, still diffusing

If I’m not the Bantu star
Who are are y’all

If I’m not the Bantu star
Who are are y’all

Written by Hassan MaGan